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the tale of a yellow cardigan...and day knitting versus night knitting

This is the tale of a yellow cardigan that became no more...at least, until I decided to change that. A few months ago I decided to try to make my own pattern. I have this long, cloak like green cardigan that I adore, but I wanted a springy baby yellow one. So I got some nice, light, baby yarn, which was baby yellow (baby, baby), anyway, and I knitted it up halfway. Well, for one thing, there wasn't enough yarn for what I was trying to do, and it was shapeless. I put it away, completely disinterested.

Until yesterday. There's this adorable child's sweater that I've been wanting to make for my five year old niece, as an Easter sweater. I hadn't gone to the yarn store (Michael's in this case) for a while, so I was hunting around in my stash. I found the old half made cardigan and extra yellow yarn, sitting there, just being wasted. It was/is beautiful yarn, I hated to see it languishing unusefully there. So on a mad dash, I decided to make the sweater.

So, onward from that story, fast forward to last night. I thought the cables on the other sweater were challenging!! Those look like eating brownie batter compared to this.

For one thing, there are bobbles. For another, the legend key to the cables needed is astonishingly lengthy. However, I need to get to the point. There are some projects which count as night knitting-you can be winding down to moderately tired for these. Then there's day knitting, where you need to be winding up, instead of down, so to speak. This, I'm afraid, at least for now, is one of those projects. Every single darned stitch counts. Or it will end up looking like a mess. A yellow mess that gets thrown into the closet on the floor in the deepest, darkest dungeoned corner of the closet.

The baby yellow yarn wouldn't be able to cope with that.

So I have to treat it right. And for that, that means daytime.

Anyway, so without further ado, here's the meagerly amount that I've started. Oh, did I mention that I stopped counting the number of times I was ripping back when I got past five?

The pattern is from Melissa Leapman's book, Cables Untangled, by the way, for anyone's who's interested.

Also, I finally got down to doodling a little rough sketch for a cold frame...and....I BUILT IT! I used plastic sheeting instead of glass, and I'm going to use foam to fill the side cracks between the lid and the box.

Also, in gardening news, my cherry tomatoes are doing well; I've managed to save my asters from damp off, by lowering the amount of water I using and exposing them to more sunlight; my eggplants came up, my sweet basil came up, my banana peppers and cayennes (some) came up. I'm still waiting on the green bells peppers and tomatoes.

That's a wrap. Hopefully by next post I'll have more to show on the Easter sweater.


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