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quilting fetish and a finished shirt

So a few months ago I decided to pick up sewing. I started a tailored, collared, button down shirt, because, I figured, I've done a few skirts before, time for a shirt!

I got most of the way through, and gave up, because the sewing jargon was driving me positively insane. I put it away.

Then I read the Everything Sewing Book. It said, essentially, that you took what the pattern said with a grain of salt. They were correct, but if something made sense with a rough read through then do it. So I did. And I managed to finish my shirt. Now I want to get more fabric so I can have a shirt for each day of the week.

So, yesterday I was going through my fabric stash. I wondered, what on earth would I do with these strange amounts of odd fabrics? What haven't I done yet?

A quilt.

So here was my pile.

I made a five inch cardboard template and started cutting squares, so I would have a nine squares block. 4 of one kind of color, and 5 of another.

And I made another one.

...In my dimension scribbles, I worked out that it would be three blocks by five blocks long with two five inch borders. That would fit out to be a roughly 90 x 70 inch quilt, which is how big a quilt for a twin sized mattress is.

Here are the pictures:




Instead of top stitching, I used a tapestry needle and chocolate brown yarn, and I made ties on the back of the quilt. I made a single stitch for each corner of each block section.


And that's what I've done recently. Oh, and I started my niece's Easter sweater again. And, it's turning out (knocks nervously on wood). Soon, I will show pictures of my progress. Until then, drink hot tea and dress warmly. It's perfectly pneumonia catching weather out there.


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